About me

I have years of experience in managing businesses' social media accounts, and understand the nature of how they work.

I am of the social media generation, where tweeting is second nature, and where you know something life-changing has happened to me because it's posted on Facebook. I have seen the social media boom first hand, both for personal use and for businesses. 

me original2 I know only too well the outstanding affect that new technology and  these rising platforms have on how we communicate, and even how it reflects on our very identity. 

  • I have the time, knowledge and expertise that you or your company may not.

  • I take pride in what I do, and promise to deliver.

  • I know how to use social media to stand out from the crowd, and know exactly how to get your business noticed.

  • I have recently completed an Adobe Photoshop course and can use my skills to create more visual updates for your company.

  • This year I attended a two day advanced social media training conducted by Imparture training and social media professional Jennifer D Begg.

My method is to listen, interact, and engage with your audience. Listening to what your audience is saying about your business, interacting with them through online conversation, and engaging them with interesting updates that should inspire them to use your business and the services you offer.

My promise:

I promise to use my skills to show you the power of social media and what it can do to help your business reach your audience.

Visit My Portfolio page to see what projects I am working on at the moment